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Free foreign sexy chat

'It's as British as fish and chips' - that's what we might say if something is truly representative of the United Kingdom.

But the well-worn saying is in fact inaccurate - as fish and chips aren't British at all.

Many credit a Jewish immigrant called Joseph Malin as the man who started the national craze for the dish in east London in 1860.

But others claim a northerner named John Lees was the first, selling his fish and chips from a wooden hut in Lancashire. However it doesn't hail from the Isles - and neither is it American.

The dish is one of a handful of quintessentially British foods and drinks that actually hail from foreign lands.

From ketchup to the British brands that now have overseas owners, these are the very surprising items that don't hail from the Isles. Fish and chips was brought to British shores in the 17th century when Jewish settlers brought the recipe over from Portugal and Spain, the research by Wren Kitchens has found.

The sauce became a staple at tables across Indonesia and Malaysia, and it wasn't long before English colonists became hooked, too.

Walkers Crisps was famously founded in Leicester in 1948, and to this day, its crisps are made in the city, with the factory producing 11 million packets a day.

However the company is no longer a British one - despite its name referring to the famous Yeoman Warders of the Tower of London.

Beefeater was bought by Paris-based Pernod Ricard in 2005.

Long before Heinz came along, the precursor to ketchup was invented in 17th century China.

But instead of using tomatoes as a base for the sauce, it was made from the brine of pickled fish.

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The confectionary business of Kraft then became Mondelez International, which also owns Toblerone.

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